25 healthy and delicious chicken recipes for weight loss

• Chicken is a low-fat, high-protein food, making it a great option for weight loss.
• This protein source can be prepared almost any way and take on any flavor profile.
• There are tons of healthy chicken recipes for weight loss out there waiting for you.

So, you’ve got a weight loss goal and are dreading eating bland chicken with rice over and over again. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news is there are endless options for healthy chicken recipes for weight loss that pack a fl

How Orthopedic Patient Education Improves Outcomes

Discussing the ways orthopedic patient education can improve outcomes by equipping patients with realistic expectations and knowledge about what to expect.

When you were in medical school, you likely noticed a correlation between how much you studied and how well you did on your exams. The same principle applies to patient education and outcomes after a procedure or treatment.

Patient education before an orthopedic procedure covers strategies like details about the procedure, home safety, anti

Selling a Medical Practice: A Guide for Private Practice Orthopedics

This article covers how to sell a medical practice for orthopedic surgeons and provides tips from the start of the process until the sale itself.

Owning and operating a private medical practice is a deeply personal endeavor. Physicians and patients develop bonds and a sense of trust that often lasts for years, sometimes even a generation. Orthopedic physicians and surgeons who own their own practice are no exception. They wear the hats of both a caring physician and a business owner. Over the y

4 Applications of 3D Printing in Orthopedics

Discover how 3D printing in orthopedics is revolutionizing the industry and benefiting patients and surgeons alike.

Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing is exciting, cutting-edge technology — but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for orthopedic surgeons. A digital file is used to create a physical object by fusing a material together, usually layer by layer, in three-dimensional printing. Traditional printing process manufacturing methods require a mold or a block of material to cr

Top Orthopedic Journals by Subspecialty

This list of the top orthopedic journals is broken down by subspecialty and includes descriptions, Impact Factor ratings, and examples of articles.

You’re considering a new approach to hip surgery. So, you sit down to research what other orthopedic surgeons are doing (and not doing). The problem? A quick search for relevant medical journals produces lists but not much else.

When researching surgical techniques, strategies for treatment, or case studies, orthopedic surgeons need a simplified re

A go-to Paleo diet food list for beginners in 2023

• Whole foods like vegetables, fruit, and meats are the focus of the paleo diet.
• The paleo diet is restrictive—but includes lots of nutrient-dense foods.
• Modified paleo diets are common and can offer flexibility.

Fish, honey, nuts, meat, and seeds—what do all of these foods have in common? These are all foods that early humans in the Paleolithic era likely hunted, gathered, or fished to eat. But they’re also ones that paleo dieters rely on today.

If you’ve decided to go back to the basics

50 paleo diet recipes to satisfy and help you reach your goals

When you follow the paleo diet and eat whole foods like an ancient hunter-gatherer, finding modern recipes can be tricky.

While paleo doesn’t allow grain or dairy, spices and herbs are still on the table—so you can still get creative in the kitchen and enjoy delicious meals.

To help you out, we’ve collected 50 easy, nutritious paleo recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more.

You might think breakfast on the paleo diet is going to consist of a lot of eggs, and yes, there are lots of eggs

67 easy Mediterranean diet recipes for beginners

So you’ve decided to try the Mediterranean diet, which is based on the traditional foods of countries like Italy, Spain, and Greece. To help you out, we’ve gathered easy recipes to get you started.

The Mediterranean is less restrictive than other popular diets, like keto or paleo—but dishes still need to focus on vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Read on for 67 Mediterranean diet recipes full of fresh Mediterranean ingredients and flavors for each meal and snack

A beginner’s guide to the paleo diet

• The paleo diet focuses on whole foods eaten by early humans of the Paleolithic era.
• Studies suggest that following a paleo diet may help avoid modern health concerns, like heart disease and diabetes.
• Paleo can help with weight loss but also has some drawbacks, including expense and not being able to enjoy your favorite foods.

The diet that our Paleolithic ancestors ate millions of years ago has made a comeback in modern times, with many people believing that cavemen were onto something.

Your go-to Mediterranean diet shopping list

• Grocery shopping on the Mediterranean diet means focusing on staples like veggies, fruit, fish, and whole grains.
• Your Mediterranean diet shopping list will include plenty of satisfying and nutrient-dense foods to create delicious meals at home.
• The Mediterranean diet isn’t restrictive, so with a little planning, grocery shopping can be quick and easy.

Following the Mediterranean diet? You’ll need a grocery shopping list to help you pick out the right items at the supermarket.

The good

7 Customer Support Quality Assurance Tools to Level Up Your Customer Interactions

7 Customer Support Quality Assurance Tools to Level Up Your Customer Interactions

Your quality assurance (QA) methods are tried and true, but at some point, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the repetitive tasks. If any of these telltale signs sound familiar, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to upgrade your support process to an automated customer service quality assurance tool:
• You’re spending more time analyzing customer interactions than implementing feedback and improving the supp

5 Ways To Reduce Customer Effort (From Basic to AI)

5 Ways To Reduce Customer Effort (From Basic to AI)

Customers want quick, simple, and satisfying experiences when they engage in customer service interactions.

But often, these exchanges result in extended waits, being transferred from one agent to another multiple times, or having to repeat the same information over and over again. Or when it comes to chatbot services, customers don’t always receive the same assistance as they would with a live agent. Chatbots are in the business of case defl

6 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes (+ How To Fix Them) | Community

This is some text inside of a div block.

Let’s explore six of the most common SMS marketing mistakes and some solutions to fix them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can enhance the experience of your consumers on their most valued channel — SMS. Consumers are 209% more responsive to SMS than email or phone calls. By listening to your audience’s wants and needs, brands can engage consumers in a personal way and avoid SMS marketing mistakes.

The message is long, confusing, and completely im

ServiceNow Automation Tools to Streamline Support in 2023

Customer service is a tricky business. One minute, you’re dealing with an unsatisfied customer who needs help finding self-service solutions on your company’s website. The next, miscommunication between departments keeps you from knowing where a customer is in the sales funnel, frustrating both of you.

Finding efficient ways to streamline your workflows is essential to avoid issues like this—or at least minimize their impact. ServiceNow helps by integrating with modern API-enabled systems, conn

Customer Service Quality Assurance: What It Is & Why It's Important

Customer Service Quality Assurance: What It Is & Why It’s Important

A customer contacts your call center for help using a recently purchased product. After the issue was successfully resolved, they received a survey asking, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy were you with your experience today?” They select 9, which reflects your support team’s great processes, right? Not necessarily.

The customer could have selected 9 simply because they love the product, your overall brand, or were in a good

7 Freshdesk Integrations to Simplify Customer Support in 2023

Customers want a personalized experience in 2023. In fact, 70% of consumers expect interactions with AI-powered chatbots or human agents to have full context and provide a conversational experience. To deliver a superior level of service and streamline customer support, companies turn to solutions like Freshdesk.

Freshdesk, a tool from Freshworks, integrates with numerous apps to help you track and manage incoming tickets, collaborate with internal teams, automate redundant tasks, expand your c

3 key business initiatives where legal departments can drive progress

Today’s legal professionals should be strategic partners in the decision-making process at their businesses. Instead of just being brought in to handle problems or to review a contract, you have an opportunity to step up and lead game-changing initiatives.

But it’s not as easy as that. Legal teams are often viewed as the “No Police,” according to Onit’s Enterprise Legal Reputation (ELR) Report. 61% of the ELR respondents see legal teams as bureaucratic, and 73% of respondents in France said the

3 key business initiatives where legal departments can drive progress

Today’s legal professionals should be strategic partners in the decision-making process at their businesses. Instead of just being brought in to handle problems or to review a contract, you have an opportunity to step up and lead game-changing initiatives.

But it’s not as easy as that. Legal teams are often viewed as the “No Police,” according to Onit’s Enterprise Legal Reputation (ELR) Report. 61% of the ELR respondents see legal teams as bureaucratic, and 73% of respondents in France said the

What is high-touch customer service? (+ how to deliver it)

It’s okay to use automation in both low-touch and high-touch environments, but it needs to be helpful, not infuriating. The goal is to make things easier for customers—whether they’re receiving low-touch or high-touch support.

Even if your customer service options are already pretty good, there’s always room to level up. Follow these tips to earn customers’ trust and form authentic, long-lasting relationships through high-touch support.

They can proactively fix issues before they happen becaus

Long Covid a syndrome ‘I wouldn’t wish…on my worst enemy’

Czora asked her network if anyone had heard of it or dealt with similar things, and eventually, she was directed to online support groups for people experiencing parosmia and anosmia post-Covid. In those groups, she discovered there were tens of thousands of others already in it who were going through the same things. The distorted sense of smell and taste is called parosmia, while anosmia is used to describe the loss of taste and smell.

Elective surgeries are back on the schedule

“The state mandated we would not be doing elective surgery, we would not be doing anything that was not urgent,” Ralabate said. “The reason was obvious – we had a high number of Covid patients, and we needed to preserve our capacity in the hospital and the ICU in case we saw a surge of patients coming in. We also had to preserve our PPE and ensure we had sufficient staff to care for the Covid patients.”

“To make that decision, we went based on what the surgeon said and what our capacity was at

Raising money-smart kids

“One pitfall is parents tend to be very wordy when they’re trying to explain, or they get emotional as far as making the kids feel guilty about the value of money and how hard they work,” she said. “The best way to get children to appreciate money is to encourage positive behavior and set up small scenarios for them to be successful with managing money.”

“If we don’t have the money, we don’t spend it,” she said. “I know that translates a lot into what they’re seeing. We’ve been intentional abou

New to Western New York's wedding scene

Regardless of what look, feel and traditions a couple wants for their wedding day, these new venues and vendors provide endless choices so people can find the right fit for their vision. Here’s what’s new in the local wedding scene:

Located at 500 Pearl St. in Buffalo, this beautiful new building has several rooms with varying aesthetics and unending potential as well as accommodations for smaller and larger crowds for weddings and other events (not to mention an on-site hotel).

This 6,000 squ

Preserving untarnished wetlands

It was nothing short of serendipity that lead an Amherst couple on a mission of environmental stewardship to recently donate 10 acres of private wetlands to Medaille College. The property, located along Millersport Highway about 25 minutes away from the school, was gifted by Frank and Jeanette Levin and is now a living laboratory for Medaille’s biology department.

“I did this wetlands blurb on the news and somebody saw it,” recounts Bernadette Clabeaux, assistant professor of biology at Medaill
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